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    Acai Berry (Euterpe oleracea) or Brazilian Berry is a tropical fruit, that has gained international recognition for its phenomenal health benefits. Scientific studies have shown in the last decade that Acai has strong antioxidant properties and a nutritional profile that includes Omega essential oils, Vitamin E, phosphorus and an abundance of polyphenols.

    Acai (Euterpe oleracea) is also a source of flavonoids, 33 times more than in red wine. In addition, Acai contains abundant Polysterols, which are commonly used in the treatment of symptoms associated with high blood pressure.

    Acai is used to treat a large number of diseases such as: arthritis, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, potency, nutritional deficiencies and to delay aging. Acai fruit helps to lower the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol, treats diabetes retinopathies, fibrocystic and improves immunity.

    Compared with unpasteurized cow milk, Acai pulp contains 3 times more lipids, 7 times more carbohydrates, 118 times more iron, 9 times more Vitamin B1, 8 times more Vitamin C and 50% more phosphorous while supplying the same percentage of protein and calcium. It also has 10 times more vitamins and antioxidants than grapes and 2 times more than blueberries.

    Consumption of Acaí helps us to keep our heart healthy, the fruit it is a good source of anthocyanins, compounds that are also found in the skin of black grapes.

    Rich in calcium, Acaí has ​​many benefits for the cardiovascular system, reduces osteoporosis and the risk of colon and breast cancer. Vitamin E from Acaí is essential for tissue regeneration. The high fiber content speeds up intestinal processes by reducing the risk of colon cancer.


    Ingredients / capsule:

    4:1 concentrate of Acai berries (Euterpe oleraceae containing 0.15% cyanidin 3-glucoside and 7.5 mg ascorbic acid / vitamin C)500 mg
    Loading agent: rice flour131 mg
    Capsule: (gelatin, purified water)120 mg
    Anti-caking agents: vegetable magnesium stearate6 mg
    Silicon dioxide3 mg

    Does not contain: dyes, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, dairy products, corn, soy, wheat, yeast.

    Net weight e = 68,4 g


    The recommended way of use (only for adults): 1 capsule daily at meals or as recommended by the health care practitioner.

    Warnings and precautions

    • Do not use if you are allergic to plants from the Arecaceae family.
    • If you experience sensitivity or allergy, stop using the dietary supplement.
    • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.
    • Dietary supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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