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    • Bio-Activ Acidophilus - 60 capsules

    Bio-Activ Acidophilus – restores bacterial flora

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    Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the first and most abundant “friendly bacteria” that is found in the mouth, the small intestine, the large intestine and the vagina. Acidophilus destroys hostile bacteria including those unwanted in the digestive process.

    For efficiency purposes, Acidophilus must be associated with other probiotic strains to faithfully replicate the complexity of human intestinal flora. It is also necessary to add pre-biotics (FOS, Inulin, Pectin, Maltodextrin) that act as food for Acidophilus, leading to its rapid multiplication once it has reached the intestine. A bad digestion due to an inappropriate bacterial flora weakens the immune system.

    In fact, it has been found that an inadequate bacterial flora + a spread of Candida in the body (Candidiasis) seriously affects the immune system. That’s why it’s important to keep a healthy bacterial flora and eliminate the excessive growth of Candida. For this we offer Lactobacillus Acidophylus Bio-Active, a highly active probiotic concentrate and Candida Formula to successfully resolve these health problems. In fact, it has been found that many cases of allergies, including asthmatics, can be remedied by treatment backed with Candida removal and addition of probiotics for the restoration of the intestinal flora. Deworming treatment may also be necessary, for example using Para Free, which kills over 100 types of intestinal parasites.

    Acidophilus lactobacillus active has beneficial effects for:

    • Acne (pimples)
    • Tonsillitis
    • Antibacterial
    • Intestinal antiseptic
    • Pulmonary antiseptic
    • Digestive system
    • Urinary apparatus
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Candidiasis
    • Cystitis
    • Colitis
    • Irritable colon
    • Constipation
    • Dermatitis
    • Diarrhea
    • Good digestion
    • Giardia
    • Halitosis
    • Infections (prevention)
    • Urinary infections
    • Kidney failure
    • Laryngitis
    • Kidney stones
    • Mycosis of the skin
    • Unpleasant body odor
    • Periodontitis
    • Intestinal parasitism
    • Prostate infections
    • Hoarseness
    • Sterility
    • Gastroduodenal ulcer

    The systematic use of Acidophilus lactobacillus active provides a depurative effect (cleansing of the intestines).

    Consumption of Acidophilus Lactobacillus Active is recommended for: rebalancing intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment, acne and some dermatological diseases (prevents eczema and psoriasis), herpes, digestive disorders (constipation, some complications of biliary pathology, gastritis, indigestion), halitosis (unpleasant smell of the mouth), hypercholesterolemia and deficiency of group B vitamins.


    Each capsule contains:

    Probiotic Complex6 billion


    Chicory Inulin / Cichorium intybus200 mg
    Maltodextrin200 mg
    Capsule (gelatin)93 mg
    Fruit oligosaccharide (FOS)50 mg
    Lactobacillus acidophilus (250B / g)4 billion16 mg
    Apple / Malus domestica pectin10 mg
    Lactobacillus bulgaricus (75B / g)600 million8 mg
    Microcrystalline cellulose (filler)5 mg
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus (250B / g)500 million2 mg
    Lactobacillus casei (350B / g)500 million1.45 mg
    Bifidobacterium longum (150B / g)200 million1.35 mg
    Bifidobacterium bifidum (250B / g)200 million0.80 mg

    It does not contain: dairy products, eggs, gluten, soy, wheat, corn, nuts, sweeteners, flavors or artificial colors.


    Recommended way of use: 1-2 capsules daily after main meals.


    • For vaginal fungal infections (candida), put 1 capsule deep into the vagina at bedtime.
    • In case of irritable colon, constipation, bloating, digestive problems we recommend a cure with Colon Cleanser.
    • In case of candidiasis, we recommend combining the Bio-Active Acidophilus supplement with the Formula Candida supplement. It has been found that many cases of allergies, including those causing asthma, can be remedied by removing the fungus Candida albicans and adding probiotics to restore the intestinal flora.


    • If you experience nausea, fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea or abdominal pain, consult your doctor before administering the supplement.
    • If digestive disorders worsen or persist in three days, stop using it and consult your doctor.
    • If you have an immune deficiency (eg. AIDS, lymphoma, if you are undergoing prolonged treatment with corticosteroids) do not use this product.
    • Administration of the supplement may create mild gastrointestinal discomfort, such as: bloating, gas, cramps.
    • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily consumption.
    • Dietary supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


    Provita Nutrition & Health Inc., 2078 Shaughnessy St. Coquitlam, BC Canada V3C 3C5.

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