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There is not a person who is not affected, more or less, by Candida! If its untreated, Candida can generalize to the entire body (systemic candidiasis) with adverse effects on health.

Many competing companies offer formulations of Candida but do not contain caprylic acid or Pau d’Arco, and some do not contain any of these ingredients. Caprylic acid dissolves the cell membrane of candida, leading to its disintegration. Pau d’Arco stops the growth of Candida. These two ingredients are essential in the fight against Candida and Candida Formula made by Organika contains both of them.

Para Free contains some very useful ingredients which, in our opinion reduces the chances of relapse of candidiasis. By cohabitation, there is an intrinsic connection between parasites and Candida. To avoid the recurrence of candidiasis it is necessary to maintain a clean colon and healthy intestinal flora. We recommend continuing with a bottle Bio-Active Acidophilus. People who have systemic candidiasis (generalized) are recommended to use the Disinfestation protocol.

Candida is a fungus which belongs to the family of yeasts, normally in small numbers, in the gastrointestinal tract where it coexists with other good bacteria. The problems appear when the ratio between the good bacteria and Candida is tipping in favor of Candida (many time as a result of treatment with antibiotics), leading to the so-called “overgrowth syndrome of Candida” (Candidiasis). What harms the body is not the presence of Candida but the products which are  secreted by it, the so-called mycotoxins.

The most common manifestations are: bloating, flatulence, fatigue, headaches, depression, repeated vaginal infections, allergies, asthma. The acute Candidiasis decreases the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal area and can have a significant negative impact on the immune system.

When it multiplies too much (the main reason being the excess of antibiotics or infection through sexual contact), Candida can spread throughout the body, manifesting itself mostly in the following areas:

  1. Digestive system. Symptoms: bloating, gas, cramps, diarrhea / alternative constipation, multiple food allergies.
  2. Nervous system. Symptoms: abnormal fatigue, unjustified anxiety, dizziness, depression, memory failures, insomnia, foggy mind.
  3. Skin. Symptoms: eczema, psoriasis, hives, acne, infections in toenails.
  4. Mouth area manifested as a white plaque on the tongue like milk or cracks in the corners of the mouth.
  5. Genitourinary tract. Symptoms: premenstrual pain, nervousness, bloating, cramps, headaches, sugar cravings, urinary infections / vagina infections, loss of interest in sex (women), anal itching, prostate, impotence (men).
  6. Endocrine syndrome. Symptoms: hyper / hypo-thyroidism (depending on the organism), auto-immune disease.
  7. Sometimes Candida, whitch already entered in  the bloodstream  can be located in the liver or spleen with very serious effects.

Since very potent toxins are released by this parasite, they can get into any tissue / organ (systemic Candida), this syndrome has been associated with many diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, recurrent ear infections, alcoholism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.) and therefore its difficult to identify. Usually, fungi creates a secondary infection, opportunistic, in the context of a weakened immune system.

Diagnosis: the presence of antibodies in the blood or the presence of Candida in the analysis of the stool.

Very often inexplicably high levels of cholesterol are the result of mycotoxins released by Candida. Recent researches show that the presence of mycotoxins secreted by Candida and other funguses stimulates the body to produce more cholesterol to neutralize these toxins. Overproduction of cholesterol can lead to excessive depositions on the walls of the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms that needs to be watched:

  • Recurrent vaginal infections;
  • Constant fatigue, tiredness, dizziness, low mood;
  • White sticky saliva, deposits on the tongue, cracks in the corners of the mouth;
  • Abdominal pain, abdominal gas, indigestion;
  • Joint pain or similar to those caused by arthritis;
  • Leakage from the sinuses;
  • Loss or weight gain without being able to be changed;
    Fungus on the fingers or toes;
  • Blurred mind;
  • Recurrent urinary tract infection (antibiotic-resistant);
  • Irritated eyes, bloodshot, teary eyes;
  • Red spots on the skin (eczema, atopic dermatitis);
  • Itching and irritation in the anal area or around the sexual organs;
  • Hair loss.

Vaginal candidiasis

Statistics show that three out of four women develop vaginal candidiasis in a moment of life. Doctors recommend us a rigorous hygiene and adequate alimentation together with an accurate medication.

What is vaginal candidiasis?

Vaginal candidiasis is caused by a microscopic fungus called Candida albicans.

On the surface of the vaginal mucosa is continously present a flora, whitout causing a genital mycosis. This flora consists microorganisms with a protective role, but also they can be potentially dangerous microoganisms.

Microorganisms with protective role as lactobacteria, actually controls the evolution of fungi from the Candida albicans group.

Under certain conditions, the number of fungi significantly increases, in which case occurs: the vaginal candidiasis condition.

What are the symptoms of the vaginal candidiasis?

Characteristic manifestation is a vaginal white secretions, which smells, its abundant, irritates the membranes of mucous and its staining the underwear. Secretions are accompanied by itching, irritation and redness of the genitals, the perineum skin sometimes cracks at light touches (with toilet paper for example).

Often appears a burning sensation during urination and even pain during sexual intercourse. There are also cases where Candida does not cause any trouble being noticed only after a gynecological checkup.

If the immune system fails, the infection spreads throughout the body and appear this symptoms: fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, lack of concentration, mood changes, headaches, depression, ear pain, cough, deafness, watery or burning sensation in the eyes, muscle aches, irritability, cravings for sweets, eczema, psoriasis, multiple allergies, fungal infections, sensitivity to food and chemical substances.

Many doctors give different diagnoses and inappropriate treatments when actually at the root of many diseases stays the candidiasis. Candidiasis is an affection  that regrettably many people (even many doctors) neglected, but in reality the consequences can be devastating by disruption of metabolism and by the destruction of immune system.

You do not know if you have excess of Candidiasis?

Answer YES or NO to the following questions:

  1. Have you ever had vaginal infection characterized by: the appearance of a whitish leakage, coarse? Or burning or itching in the vaginal area? Or frequent urinary infections?
  2. Have you ever taken antibiotics?
  3. Have you ever taken birth control pills?
  4. Have you ever used anti-asthmatic inhalants?
  5. Are you craving  for sugar or sweets?
  6. Are you craving for bread, to eat bread every day?
  7. Do you feel the need for alcohol, or do you drink alcohol regularly?
  8. Do you  have intestinal gases, bloating or burping?
  9. Do you often feel tired or do you get easily tired?
  10. When you wake up in the morning do you have whitish deposits on your tongue?
  11. Do you feel depressed, characterized by lack of appetite?
  12. Do you have often headaches?
  13. Do you have allergies (itchy skin, itchy throat, coughing, fever)?
  14. Do you have itching vagina?
  15. Do you have often vaginal infections?

If you answer YES to three of the above questions, chances are that you have excess Candida.

Candida Formula from Organika Health Products contains a unique combination of caprylic acid and other synergistic nutraceuticals which are very effective in combating the excessive growth of Candida.


Each capsule contains:

Caprylic acid 250 mg
Powder of Tabebuia impetiginosa 130 mg
Garlic powder (Allium sativum) 90 mg
Powder of Origanum vulgare leaf 60 mg
Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus paradisi) 50 mg

Encapsulated in a natural gelatin capsule with microcrystalline cellulose.

Capsule shell: gelatin, purified water.

It does not contain: diary products, eggs, artificial preservatives, colorants, yeast, artificial sweeteners, wheat, soybean, corn or gluten.


Recommended way of use (only for adults): take up to 3 capsules per day with a glass of water or as directed by your doctor.

Canadian nutritionists recommend a 27 day protocol (taken 15-30 minutes before meals):

  • Day 1 to 7: 2 capsules daily (1 morning + 1 evening)
  • Day 8 to 11: 3 capsules daily (1 morning + 2 evening)
  • Day 12 to 27: 4 capsules per day (2 morning + 2 evening)


  • Don’t use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding!

Useful recommendations

After finishing the 27 day treatment, we recommend supplementing with Active Acidophilus or other active probiotics to restore the intestinal flora. It also can be associated with Colon Cleanser which also helps to eliminate the candida mico-toxins accumulated in the large intestine and colon.

The administration of Colon Cleanser it will be  simultaneously with Candida Formula or after the completion of Candida Formula.

For vaginal Candidiasis, characterized by irritation, itching, vaginal secretion: it will be in parallel with the oral treatment with Formula Candida, vaginal douche with Pau D’Arco powder (using 2-3 opened capsules), preferably before bedtime and in the evening introduct deep into the vagina 1-2 capsules Bio-Active Acidophilus.

If it is not supplemented with Pau D’Arco while taking Candida Formula, as a safety measure for more serious candidiasis, some nutritionists recommend continuing with a bottle of Pau D’Arco.

Side effects are rare but may include

  • mild stomach pain;
  • light dull headaches.

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