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    Chitosan is a biological cellulose extracted from the shells of marine crustaceans. It acts on the digestive system as a strong absorbent, binds fats in  the intestines and evacuates toxic substances.

    Some Chitosan is absorbed by the blood and its action is as follows:

    • inhibit cancer cells by: adjusting the tissue pH to an alkaline environment  (aprox.7,35), where the lymphocytes become active and destroy the cancer cells;
    • the components of Chitosan also inhibit carcinogen intoxication , restore the appetite , prevent weight loss and the formation of metastases;
    • lowers blood lipid and cholesterol to normal levels, chitosan can be called ” cleanser of the blood vessels “, results in lowering blood pressure, because Chitosan  joins with the bile acid (with his help takes place the absorption of cholesterol) and causes its elimination through feces ;
    • decreased levels of sugar in the urine and blood glucose in diabetic patients;
    • increases the body’s immunity through pH adjustment and the activation of lymphocytes in the blood;
    • absorbs and eliminates from the body of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), fertilizers , chemical dyes , medicinal substances , radioactive substances, colon carcinogenic toxins, improves the purification of the lymphatic systems;
    • acts upon the digestive tract, increasing the ability of the small intestine digestion and absorption, thus decreasing of toxins in the blood and the appearance of colon cancer.

    Besides the antioxidant effect and vasorelaxant, citrus Bioflavonoids potentiates the action of chitosan. The extract of acerola (Malpighi Glabra) is also called the super vitamin C. Acerola is a plant that grows in Yukatan (Mexico) and is prized for its  outstanding immunostimulating effects.


    Chitosan + citrus bioflavonoids + acerola300 mg


    Recommended way of use: 1 or 2 capsules before meal.

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