• Hepatox Protocol - Hepatic Detoxification Procedure
  • Konig Hepatothione - Pro Glutation endogen
  • Selenium forte

Hepatox Protocol – Hepatic Detoxification Procedure

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The liver is the most solicited organ for the processing of toxin elimination from the body. The abundance of toxins accumulated from nutrition and from the environment, the excess of alcohol or tobacco effectively assail the liver which after a time cannot cope with processing them, moreover, the toxins and the free radicals start to accumulate in the liver as well leading to its deterioration. That is why it’s important to maintain the detoxifying function of the hepatic cell at a maximum of functionality.

Hepatox Protocol does not overlap and is complementary with the Detoxin Procedure.

Hepatox is a health package which combines two important elements necessary to the detoxifying function of the hepatic cell.

Who needs it?

  • People with different hepatic disorders, „intoxicated”liver.
  • People who have had  hepatitis.
  • It is also recommended for alcoholics both in cases of hepatic cirrhosis predisposition, as well as in general for liver detoxification.

Protocol composition

Selenium forte


Maintains cell health and inhibits fat oxidation. Protects the immune system against free radicals.

1 bottle

Konig Hepatothione - Pro Glutation endogen


Plays an important role in gallbladder health, helping the liver to detoxify fat before the bile is emitted, which reduces stress on the gallbladder.

1 bottle

The protocol contains one (1) bottle of each product.


Recommended way of use

  • Selenium1 capsule/day.
  • Hepatothione: 2 capsules/day (2-0-0) in the morning. Do not consume food for at least 30 minutes after administration.


  • For regeneration the hepatic cell, it can be associated with Silimarin forte 3/day (1-1-1) on an empty stomach with 15-30 minutes before the main meals.

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