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    Imunorex™ Forte Protocol

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    The human body contains a miraculous “healing machine” named the immune system.

    A healthy and strong immune system identifies, attacks and destroys invaders which cause illness and destroys abnormal or infected cells including cancer cells.

    A strong immune system means a healthy body, a healthy mind, a slowing down of the ageing process and a longer happier life. Nowadays, the human immune system   is constantly weakened by: stress, pollution and the chemisation of food, either by treating crops, or during the process of food industrialization. The results are easily visible: frequent illness, heart disease, liver, bile, chronic fatigue and finally the most feared disease, “cancer”.

    Imunorex protocol is especially designed for the stimulation and strengthening of the immune system necessary for fighting against existent disorders and the prevention of subsequent illnesses.

    It is recommended in: human immunodeficiency, lupus, herpes, stress, thyroid disorders, digestive diseases, diabetes, prostate hypertrophy, infectious diseases, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, chronic infectious diseases, flu, allergies, chronic fatigue, cancer, hepatitis, antiviral, antibacterial .

    Content / Package composition

    Super Immune Ultra

    Super Immune Ultra

    Excellent antiviral, anticancer, anti-metastatic. Powerful immune modulator for weak or hyperactive immune system.

    1 bottle

    New Roots Echinacea Root

    Echinacea Root

    Combines the power of the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea. Immunostimulant, antibacterial, antimicrobial.

    1 bottle

    A (1) bottle of each product is included in the price of the protocol.


    Recommended administration

    With approximately 15-30 minutes before meals in the morning and in the evening:

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