• Natural Remedy for the Treatment of Osteophytosis (Bone Spurs)
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    Natural Remedy for the Treatment of Osteophytosis (Bone Spurs)

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    Bone spurs can be very painful, this being a further reason to act as quickly as possible to act over the problem. These minuscule bone growths can provoke a series of other problems, affecting directly or indirectly: muscles, tendons and other soft tissues.

    Bone spurs can be treated using a series of natural remedies based on plants – such as ginger, turmeric – and products – such as apple cider vinegar.

    What are bone spurs?

    Bone spurs or osteophytosis represent a minuscule bone growth over the normal bone. Whilst the name „spur” suggests that these bone gowths would be indented and sharp, they are usually smooth. Even if these bone growths are smooth, they can cause a series of additional problems  for other bone or soft tissues, depending on the place where they appear and what they press on.

    Bone spurs are most frequently situated at the spine level, shoulders, hands, hips, knees, feet, according to specialty literature quoted by WebMD.

    Common symptoms of osteophytosis are:

    • Tissue inflammation.
    • Pain and muscle and tendon rupture.

    Wefts and calluses can also form (in this medical context: new tissue, degenerative) over a bone spur positioned at the feet level.

    Many people suffer from this disorder, without it being clearly diagnosed from the start, even though these bone growths put pressure over other bone or soft tissues, thus generating discomforting states and pain!

    Can we heal osteophytosis in a natural way?

    Conventional treatament for osteophytosis is usually based on alleviating pain or eliminating spurs.

    In time, it was noticed that there are natural remedies which are effective, treat simptoms and naturally „dissolve” these bone spurs.

    The treatment with ginger, turmeric and apple vinegar is considered one of the best natural remedies. Professionals   of the medical field, like dr. Weil, recommend adapting fitness physical exercises, wearing adequate shoes for reducing feet pain and of course treating bone spurs.

    Package / protocol content

    Ginger Root

    Ginger Root

    Dietary supplement recommended in colds, it acts on the lungs, stomach and spleen. It is soothing for abdominal pain, helps digestion, eliminates gas, gives appetite, neutralizes toxins.

    2 bottle

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Regulates digestion in the intestinal tract and burn fat, detoxifies, stimulates the central nervous system and heart rate.

    2 bottles

    Kurkuma Pro - antioxidant

    Kurkuma Pro

    Curcumin is another natural analgesic. This remedy contains curcuminoids which help reduce the inflammation and to diminish the pain.

    1 bottle

    Super Vitamin K2

    Super vitamin K2

    Essential for calcium absorbtion and metabolization as well as its depositation in bones and teeth (in particular by calcium supplementation).

    1 bottle


    The recommended administration


    • Remember that all the treatments must be done only at the medical consultant’s recommendation and supervision!

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